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Springloops is everything you need for web development
and lightning-quick deployments.

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Updating servers was never this quick and easy.

  • FTP
  • FTPS
  • SFTP
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon CloudFront
Commence launch
Start a deployment manually, on every commit or via command in a commit message
Keep everyone informed
Your team is notified in real-time on activity stream or via email. Everyone's involved.
See the magic happen
Only changed files are deployed to servers. Files get uploaded, web hooks triggered, CDNs refreshed


Lightning-fast Deploy

No service is faster than Springloops. Not a single one.

Back to the Future

Load any revision of your project at any time. Revert changes if you need.

No restrictions

No limit for the number of users and servers. Work with whomever you want however you want.

Be organized

Copy servers settings and share with your team. Eliminate the risk of error.

Version Control Software with Git and Subversion

Browse and review the activity of your team. Get everyone involved.

  • Review commits in powerful UI.

    Review commits in powerful UI.

  • Analyze timelime and compare revisions. Restore changes if needed.

    Analyze timelime and compare revisions. Restore changes if needed.

  • Enjoy the beautiful flavor of syntax highlight.

    Enjoy the beautiful flavor of syntax highlight.

  • Compare pictures and .psd files easily with onionskin.

    Compare pictures and .psd files easily with onionskin.


Easy management

Create repositories, invite people and import files in a click.

Spot the difference

Compare code and images by days, commits and tags.


You will enjoy super fast code browsing.

Get some powers

Prove your developer skills with hooks, commit tags and notifications.


Springloops has a wide set of features that helps your team coordinate the efforts towards the common goal.

live stream


Stay in touch with your team on a powerful
Stream updated in real-time.

Pricing - clear & simple

All plans include

  • Real-time backups
  • Enhanced security
  • Unlimited servers per project
  • Submodules/externals support


for businesses and enterprise

Business extras

Safety & Security


Profiles & Groups

All members and groups have their own streams.


Grant and restrict access to code and deployment servers.


Keep your team aware with real-time notifications and email updates.

Caring support

Your business is safe with 24/7 emergency support that actually cares for you.

Meet the family

Switch on BamBam! for tasks and Chime for time tracking and turn Springloops into the most powerful project management app available online.

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