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The API can be used to build tools or services around Springloops. The methodology used is REST. All requests must be sent and are received in the JSON format and must be executed over HTTPS. Empty fields are returned as NULL and are not omitted. All dates are returned in the ISO format:



API relies on the basic HTTP authentication. To authenticate, a user has to provide an authentication token. To generate a token, you need to use base64 and use your email and password as the parameter:

base64_encode(login + ":" + password)

Required HTTP Headers

Make sure to include the following HTTP headers with every request you make to the API:

ACCEPT: application/json 
CONTENT-TYPE: application/json
Authorization: Basic $hash


You can get the API here:


Retrieving API data for the first time

The easiest way to invoke an API method is cURL:

$ curl --header "ACCEPT: application/json 
CONTENT-TYPE: application/json
Authorization: Basic $hash" https://pickles.springloops.io/api/project/1/servers
Sample Response
    "success": true,
    "data": [
          "id": 4,
          "name": "dev",
          "role": "DEVELOPMENT",
          "revision": null,
          "headRevision": "ec21a1bb15138bbd33587c95feb750348065aef5",
          "projectPathInRepository": "/",
          "autoDeploy": false,
          "deployStatus": null,
          "type": "FTP"
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